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About PHP CMS Systems

Previous Entry PHP CMS Systems Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 02:13 pm Next Entry

I've been running my site with Geeklog for some time now, and while I'm still pretty happy with it I have a few niggles and a new project that requires something different. So a few questions on CMS systems.

I've used geeklog and Nuke. Geeklog is a lot better than Nuke. What's better than Geeklog? What are people using to run that kind of site? Xoops? How does it compare for running a nuke/geeklog style site? Is Ezpublish worth looking at?

Next. I am working on a project that is more like an online book, I'm looking for a CMS suitable for running that. preferable with versioning and workflow for approval of articles. Any suggestions?
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