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DHTML Menus Nov. 24th, 2004 @ 07:55 am
Is anyone aware of a good DHTML Menu solution?

I'd prefer one that is pure DHTML, I can handle the generation of the menu from the database myself, I don't really want one that has the PHP/ASP/Other code for generating the structures in it already.

Milonic is the best I've seen, but, it's commercial, ideally I'd like a system under one of the Open Source licenses, with non-obfuscated Javascript code, but a freeware one would be fine too.
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the big web authoring tools Nov. 20th, 2004 @ 12:34 pm
I've been hearing from people that the elite layout tools are getting up to speed with producing decent CSS and XML output, and hand coding every CSS implementation bug workaround is tedious, so..

does anyone have any opinions on Dreamweaver vs. GoLive for a web professional who has to step up from the backend code and start doing some UI's? Or something else? Not worried about learning curve or price, or integration with other products too much--mostly interested in which will produce at least decent code and is easiest to plug your own php/perl code behind. It has to work on OS X.


Koders Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 04:06 pm
Why don't people tell me about cool shit like this?

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Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 10:46 am
If I wanted to increase the Google ranking of a website, say, http://www.buildtopia.com, anyone know how I'd go about doing that?

Development Request Forms Nov. 1st, 2004 @ 09:18 am
Does anyone here have one of these where they work or in their own business?  Would you be willing to let me see a copy?

We are trying to put something in place to prevent "feature creep" in the apps we are being asked to do.


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» Bash Tips
That CDPATH var looks pretty tasty.

» Session Variables
Ok...I am completely confused. I have an authentication system that I wrote and has been working fine when its sitting on one server that uses apache. I have copied the code to a windows server that has php installed on it and the session variables don't work. What am I missing?? Is there a setting somewhere I need to change on the windows machine to get it to work??

EDIT: Let me correct that - the session variables work except when they first come to the site. for some reason, if (strlen($_SESSION['svUserName'])<1) does not work

EDIT AGAIN: It tells me undefined index: svUserName

That is on every page unless I go back to the login screen (Without closing the browser) and login in again...then everything works fine.

» Form Builders
Is anyone aware of any open source libs for form building?

what I'm looking forCollapse )

Any suggestions appreciated.
» I shouldn't have been.
I really shouldn't have spent so much time reading this stuff, but it's very interesting:

Advanced PHP resources

I've been reading the sitepoint forum posts linked in there, some very interesting discussions of OO Patterns applied in PHP and other design things.
» Fixing HTML

I have a site that displays blog/journal entries. The site allows trusted technical people to submit blog entries, thus allows unrestricted HTML entry. However, I need to process the HTML entered slightly to provide a correct XHTML sytnax.

1. Replace img tags with links to the image labeled correctly
2. Replace blockquote with a span
3. Clean up br, hr and other single tag elements

There may be more.

Cleaningup br hr and blockquote has been no problem, but I'm having problems with my links and images. First thing I tried was to use a preg_replace_callback function to reformat, but, my regexp skills are very lacking.

Basicaly, if the tag is:

<img src="url"<

I want to display [img] where img is a clickable link to url.

If the tag is:
<img src="url" alt="alt">

I want to display [alt] where alt is a clickable link to url and alt is the alt text.

And finaly, if the link is:
<a href="url"><img src="url2" alt="alt"></a>

Then I want to display [alt] (or [img] if there is no alt) as a clickable link to url not url2. My first few stabs were:

preg_replace_callback( '<img src="(.*)">', 'imagecleaner', $postbody );

However, the result is that the body between the < and > is matched but the tags aren't passed through, so I get <[img]>.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.
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